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Author Topic: 2017-04-11  (Read 1616 times)
Shuttle Pilot
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Sic Itur Ad Astra

« on: April 11, 2017, 11:13:36 AM »

Sorry for the long delay between updates!

Its not the thing that we have given up something, not at all.
However, the whole generic launch/onorbit/entry has been changed to reflect the latest shutle procedures and a lot more DPS displays has been added.
It has taken some time, and is not 100% fiinshed yet. But for the first time since SSM2007 we actually have completed STS-1 using the new system.

It rocks, of course, but there is now a lot more to do before you can begin with mission procedures.
We plan to add a real "noob" mode that allows you to skip the entire "commstep".
But you will not get any awards in that mode.
All transitions between launch and landing at EAFB is really smooth now and the deorbit part much better.

Since we decided to use Endeavour as the reference shuttle for the moment the aft right panels need some reconstruction, as someone peaky might have noticed.
And right now the MEDS displays is getting updated to software version OI-33.
The ADI is complete and the quite complicated Ascent/Entry PFD is underway.
That also means all "tapes" needs to be changed. Not complicated but really boring.
But you cant have fun all the time. Roll Eyes

A beta is scheduled in about 2 weeks hopefully. We got Easter coming up so we get off from our main duties and can play with SSMS2 fulltime instead. Grin

Happy easter to everyone out there, and I hope the next report will be good news from the beta testing.


- The Space Shuttle Mission 2007(tm)Team -
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