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Author Topic: 2016-08-30  (Read 1672 times)
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Sic Itur Ad Astra

« on: August 30, 2016, 05:08:48 PM »

Well, the Edwards landing didnt do it at first try. So extra work has been made to improve the textures.
Biggest problem is that we dont really have any high resolution images of EAFB, but we made it look better then before anyway.
Probably we need to add real heightmaps and stuff later on, but not before we released this version.
We still have a couple of weeks with testing and finetune the deorbit/landing part, but things looks quite nice.
Most of our work was intended to happen during this summer vacation, but since that vacation ended up to last only ONE FREAKIN DAY not much have been added.

We have noticed that the links to our "fabulous" screenshots, uploaded by Cthulu, has been killed.
We will add more pictures as soon as EAFB is finished and as soon as we found out how this web stuff works Kiss.

We also have took us time to do a little hack of the old 2007 version.
Many users have complain about the "ERROR:Failed to change resolution" message on Windows8 and Windows10.
We now have a small patch installer at about 1.68M that totally removes the DirectDraw crap from the program. Its in a testing state right now, and if you have problem with this error, just mail support and we can send you the patch via mail.
It will be uploaded to the site later, again as soon as we found out how this web stuff works Grin.

Oh, almost forgot. We finally made a move from XP to Windows10. And it was actually even worse then we could imagine. Both SSMS2007 and the new version runs like a dream, except that resolution change error in the 2007 version.
But our old compilers puked at it. The Windows10 laptop we use also had a crappy driver for the touchpad, which we fixed by applying an older driver, which we later found out was replaced by Windows10 automatically next time we turned the darn thing on!!
Hours on the web solved the problem by using the possibility to "hide" necessery updates from Micro$oft. Nice work there. I wonder how people that are new to computers handles these kind of problems.
So you dont have any possibility to decide wich updates to install anymore.
It feels like Orwells 1984 is getting closer and closer....... Angry

Well, many words but not much info as usual.
Next update will hopefully include old screenshots as well as some new ones. Hopefully with EAFB.

Bye for now!!

- The Space Shuttle Mission 2007(tm)Team -
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