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Author Topic: Hello + usefull links  (Read 2600 times)
« on: October 07, 2007, 10:18:48 AM »

Hello everybody from Berlin, Germany,

I'm glad that this great simulator is finally making its way onto market.
I started playing with Virgin Games' "Shuttle" back in the 90s, than I got to know Mike Lundbergs S3 Demo and if I'm not mistaken than this will be the complete program now resulting from years of silent but thorough developement.
You helped arise my interest in space flight once again and these are some links that users might find interesting as well if they're  looking for some real insight details:

This is something one might  call OM-A in airline business, it states general limitations as weather conditions and operating procedures.

Now this looks like a real NASA document as well and includes Prelaunch, Ascent and RTLS Procedures for STS-118, you may find similar documents for other missions using "ascent Checklist and STS XXX" on a search engine.

And here you can choose very detailed mission related press information for any mission you like:

Now,  enjoy reading through those links,
I'm looking forward for the release!  Smiley


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