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Author Topic: SSM 2007(tm) FAQ  (Read 24485 times)
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« on: October 20, 2007, 10:42:50 PM »

      • Does SSM2007(tm) have any bugs?: Yes, just like any complex simulator. We plan to release periodic updates to fix bugs that were not discovered before the release
      • How many and which missions do you support at launch time?: A representative 11-mission set comes with the SSM.
      • Will you release more missions?: Yes, we have already released new missions as free add-ons and we plan to release more missions until we cover most, if not all the historical missions.
      • Do we see the actual build status of the ISS relevant to the mission?: Yes.
      • Does SSM 2007 have the full NASA Shuttle Fleet right from the beginning?: Yes.
      • How realistic is the flight model?: Launch is fully automatic according to NASA specs. Orbiting follows Orbital Mechanics,  Deorb is fully automatic, and manual landing from 80,000' to touchdown is modelled extremely realistically. You'll really need to train to intercept the HAC and land the Shuttle successfully.
      • Do you simulate aborts and emergencies?: To a certain extent, yes.
      • What Operating Systems does SSM2007(tm) run on?: Windows XP and Vista.
      • Does SSM2007(tm) have a "Training Mode"?: Yes, every mission has a training mode for launch, orbit, deorbit and landing
      • Are we be able to save situations?: Yes, you can have multiple saves per mission.
      • Does SSM 2007(tm) support Network play?: Not at this point. We are looking into the matter and learning the benefits of such a feature. User input is welcome.
      • Do you support TrackIR(tm)?: Yes. We support TrackIR:Pro
      • Will you release a future version of SSM2007?: Yes, we have plan to do so.
      • Any multiple-monitor support?: Yes. We support Nvidia nView dual monitors in Horizontal Span mode, and Matrox Triple Head2Go three-monitors setups for full panoramic modes
      • What kind of monitor aspect ratios to you support?: SSM2007 will automatically select the suitable aspect ratio to provide non-distorted 3D views. 4:3 and 16:9 monitors are supported.
      • What is the highest resolution SSM2007 supports?: SSM2007 will automatically select the highest available resolution. It will go for the highest resolution your monitor supports.
      • Does SSM2007 support the Vuzix stereoscopic goggles?: Eventually yes. Vuzix support will be available very soon
      • Downloadable or on CDROM?: Downloadable.
      • Do you include a printed manual?: Since the game is downloadable, the documentation is also in electronic format. The simulator comes with two manuals - the Quick Start Manual (approx 30 pages) and the Commander's Reference Manual (approx 100 pages), both freely downloadable before purchasing the sim.
      • Do you supply a Flight Deck poster?: A custom SSM2007(tm) Flight Deck Poster is available for purchase. More details here.
      • Beta-Testing: The core Beta Test team is already assembled. If you think you have certain specific skills that make you suitable for joining the team, email us and we'll consider the application.
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