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Author Topic: How close is the Official Trailer to the actual game?  (Read 7419 times)
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« on: December 16, 2007, 05:40:24 PM »


There were some questions regarding how close the video and the game are in terms of what you hear and see. Well, I am happy to put all the question marks to rest: the game is way better than the video Smiley We could not put everything that we wanted in a 9 minute trailer and even 9 minutes is too much for any trailer.

So here we go:

1. Communications: SSM2007 has full voice communications between the Shuttle, Control, EVA Astronauts so the communication voices you hear in the trailer are from the game itself - except for the trailer narration of course.

2. Visuals: The visuals are identical - all the sequences were shot in-game and have not been edited for content or appearance (except for less than 1% transitions and other reasonable video artist stuff). Yes, the Sun bloom and flares are real, shadows are real, solar panels do shine depending on the light direction, etc. - way too many cool features to mention.

3. Camera: All the points of view used in the movie are available to the gamer - in-cockpit, outside, free-camera, KSC VIP viewing site, etc.

4. Environment Sounds: All the environment sounds are from the game and appear where they appear in the movie.

5. Music: The Music Score is from the game too but used more creatively in the movie to give it a continuous flow. The in-game music was turned off for the duration of the shooting session. The in-game themes are synchronized with, and triggered by certain events and are designed to make the experience more enjoyable - we want you to feel as taking active part in an IMAX Space Shuttle -related documentary, not merely in a simulation.

6. What about that cool "game box"?: The "game box" appearing at the end of the trailer is an "artist's impression" only, just as we note in the Purchase section of the site. The game is available worldwide as a downloadable so that you have access to it regardless of where you live.
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