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Author Topic: Most Difficult Task...  (Read 29719 times)
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« Reply #30 on: June 27, 2011, 02:21:44 PM »

Hi. To me the most difficult task is on every ISS mission, is where I have to move the OBSS to the MPLM survey location. This problem occurred on STS-128 and 130, around half an orbit after docking. The end effector position never changes once I grapple to the OBSS, and the yellow arrow and the RMS attitude position seem to conflict. I tried moving the OBSS to the yellow position, and the attitude values don't match the ones on the message. When I ignored the arrow and I tried to use attitude P/Y/R for the attitude position the OBSS positions very far from the arrow, and this is what plagued me from finishing the mission successfully. I would want to see a video of that kind of operation, either real or on the sim, so that I can copy it and do it correctly.


Examine pages 9, 10 of the "STS-128 Micke Swannick Checklist"  Cool


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