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Author Topic: A nice weekend for announcing goodies :)  (Read 2624 times)
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« on: May 23, 2009, 09:43:06 AM »

OK, this is a multiple announcement:

1. The new SP 3.53 has been released today. It contains of course the STS-100 and all the additions of 3.50, but it also deals with some minor but nagging fixes (OMS sound), a small change to make everybody happy without deviating too much from reality (a slight increase in wheel brakes efficiency) and a possible fix to backward compatibility with saves as far as 2.00! This compatibility is NOT guaranteed since it is impossible to test thoroughly in every situation, so only you can tell us how well this works. Please regard this as a feature that we do not guarantee, but hope it works for most, if not for all of you Smiley

2. There is a new "from fans, to fans" SSM2007 website created and managed by Marvx, Cthulhus and Uri (why aren't we surprised by who did that?). There is an exclusinve interview given by the Ground Crew regarding the past, present and future of the SSM franchise. Nice reading and a bit more informative for those who cannot hold their horses anymore. The new portal also consolidates all the "unofficial tools" around the SSM2007: the SSM2007-Blog, links to the SSM2007-Wiki, the SSM2007-TeamSpeak and the SSM2007-Twitter. The new site can be found here: http://portal.ssm-fans.info/

3. Mikes's new Grapple Coordinates chart is now part of the Checklists package andnot as a separate download. You can download the latest Checliksts and the Grapple Card and the Emergency Procedures Checklist at our Downloads section.

I think that this is quite enough for one weekend  Cool

Enjoy, and more important, FLY THE SHUTTLE!

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