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Author Topic: Purchasing and delivery (of the downloadable version) - read before you buy!  (Read 47509 times)
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« on: August 10, 2008, 01:03:45 PM »


Good to know before you buy:

1. After purchasing, the Activation Email is sent only after the payment clears.

- Credit Card (about 1-24 hours, depending on the Credit Card and location)
- PayPal (about 1-24 hours depending on the PayPal account)
- Wire Transfer (4-6 bank business days)
- Money Order (4-6 bank business days)
- Other options (6-14 business days)

There still may be some delays with the Credit Card payments, especially if the personal details do not match, or if the eCommerce system detects (or thinks it has detected) a possible fraud.

The activation email is sent automatically as soon as the payment clears - there is nothing we can do to make it faster Smiley

2. Some email services are notorious for their false and/or overly aggressive spam filtering. Some activation emails may NOT reach their destination. The responsibility of opening the door to our domain lays with you Smiley. Make sure you disable the filters for the space-shuttle-mission.com domain. One of the well-known culprits is the GMX mail service. Incidentally, these email services also block replies coming from our SUPPORT etc.

3. Some email services require new senders to "register" and be "accepted" by the receiver as a legal email (such as earthlink). This is good for as long as private people send emails. Our eCommerce system is AUTOMATIC and cannot 'register'. That means that, again, the Activation Email will not reach its target.  Incidentally, these email services also block replies coming from our SUPPORT etc. We do not plan to 'register' our SUPPORT, INFO or any other company accounts with any private account filter as this costs us precious time and prevents us from providing fast service to other customers. The responsibility of opening the door to our domain(s) lays with you Smiley. Make sure you 'pre-register' the space-shuttle-mission.com domain and/or our Support, Info etc. emails. Thank you.


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