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Title: 2016-05-22
Post by: Admin on May 22, 2016, 10:06:38 AM
Ok guys.

Since everyone wonders whats happening here we decided that some poor bastard gets the privilege to try to explain what's going in here with SSMS2.
And I draw the shortest straw.
We will try to make a habit of adding some news here at least once a month, just to get rid of all nasty rumors thats been around in the topic below.

So, the status right now is that we have 3 missions finished. Launch,orbit is finished.
For the moment deorbit,entry,landing is were we put our efforts. With EAFB landings almost finished.
After that its off to beta testing and bug fixing. All of this will take its time but we do our best.
If the workload at our main occupations would ease a bit there is a small possibility that we might see something this year.
But since expectations is the mother of disapointment we wont promise anything.

To make release possible in the somewhat near future we have put some stuff on hold.
The fancy internal ISS will not be finished in the first release. Also, MIR missions will be left out.
Also, we will probably dont have time to add ALL missions that we have in SSMS2007.
( They have grown to quite a bunch during the years. )
But our intentions is to add them later on just like we did with SSMS2007.
We will probably add a poll later on were you will be able to give suggestions on what missions you think was the funniest in SSMS2007.
The three missions we have now is STS-1, STS-8 and STS-128.
First mission is a given since its a real historical milestone good learning mission.
STS-8 is a great way to test and practise the use of the RMS arm.
STS-128....Dont know why we picked this one actually. Just needed a ISS mission to test the docking and other stuff. :P

Ok, we will get back in the matter soon.
Bye for now!