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Title: Problems downloading files, error 404, etc.
Post by: Admin on March 12, 2008, 11:59:59 AM
Please note that we haven't changed any access options to our website since its launch almost three years ago. This is an accessibility issue that is encountered by some users and it has to be solved at the end user end. Some of the solutions:
1. Try changing the firewall and/or IE privacy and/or upgrading IE to IE 8 or later etc.

2. When trying to d/l filed by using the company network -  the users contacted the company sysadmin who solved the issue, or explained that company policy does not allow downloads from "unapproved sites". In this case they downloaded the files with their home PC.

3. Other users had tracked this back to a new/latest Norton automatic update that somehow has changed their settings without warning.

4. Some users solved this by using Google Chrome or FireFox instead of IE (we assume IE below version 8 or less).

5. Some have fixed the issue by clearing the cookies and the IE cache files. It is known that sometimes, corrupt files can block access to a particular website.

6. Sometimes, "silent" IE, Windows or antivirus updates can change the respective configurations. In this case you need to re-check all the possible solutions in this section.

7. Please note that we do not allow direct access to files through external links or FTP clients. You can download files only by clicking on the links/buttons on the website.

8. We do not allow access through download accelerators. Using any d/l accelerator, will result in being requested to type in access details, which of course are not available. Use the "simple" windows-based download and you'll be fine. Sometimes, download accelerators are still active despite "deactivating" them through their menus. Please make sure they are REALLY inactive by checking the Task Manager.

9. It has been brought to our attention that one of the Windows XP silent updates is also responsible for the 404 error when trying  to d/l from our website. Microsoft is aware of this problem but for as far as we know, there are no plans to fix this, especially since official support for Windows XP was supposed to be ended two years ago , and with Windows 7 already released. If you are affected, you may try and d/l the files with a Vista/Win 7 PC.

There may be other solutions - this depends on the particular setup - but it is always solved at the end user end. We'll update this post as we get more feedback from our users.