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Title: How to capture SSM2007 screenshots and post them on the forum?
Post by: Admin on October 31, 2007, 04:28:01 PM

Capturing SSM2007 in-game pictures is easy: use the old fashioned "Shift+PrtScn" keys combination on the keyboard. This takes a snapshot of the screen into the Windows Clipboard. You can then paste it in any graphics program you want (like Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, Corel, etc.).

If this does not work for you, you can always use thrd party screen-capture utilities like FRAPS, Pixelmetrics Capture Wiz Pro etc. Some paint applications like Paint Shop Pro also have a screen capture utility.

HINT: Don't forget to use the (P)ause key to freeze the sim until you compose and capture the screenshot.

In order to post pictures on the forum, you first must upload them on a free pictures hosting server and point to them from your forum message.

Usually after you upload a picture to one of those servers, you have an option to create an HTML code that you can copy and paste in your post here.

Here is only a small list of free picture hosting servers:


This is how we all do it.

When posting pictures make sure that they are max 600 pixels wide . If not, visitors will be forced to scroll left/right and will not be able to appreciate the full picture in one go. Another possibility is to post a link or thumbnails that will open a bigger version of the picture in a separate window. That allows you to post higher resolution pictures while not cluttering the forum with annoying scrollable pictures. Some of the free picture file servers above offer this possibility too. You need to check with them and select the one that best fits your approach.

And last - before posting, please use "Preview" before pressing "Save". This will allow you to verify and edit your post before committing it to the forum :)